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6 myths about running a marathon

Have you heard any good marathon myths?  I had, and they gave me plenty of reasons to think that marathoners were crazy.   I’d like to set the record straight, so you won’t worry about those same myths.

You can prevent most running related injuries

Courtesy of Tavis Ford

Myth #1: Marathoning wreaks havoc on your body.

Truth:  Marathoners do experience running related injuries, but most are minor (chafing, blisters and soreness) and preventable. 

In more extreme cases, the injury could require physical therapy and if it persists, surgery.  Proper equipment, training, and common sense all aid in injury prevention.  Also, distance running has many benefits including cardiovascular and mental health.  My verdict: the benefits far outweigh the risks.

 Note: I will cover injuries and treatment in detail in a later series of posts. 

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