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How to make it to the starting line


The starting line of the Big D marathon

Training for a marathon isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either.  In this post, I show you how to apply proven management techniques to your goal of completing a marathon.  After all, what kind of MBA would I be if I didn’t throw a little business theory at you?  Take these steps as you embark on your training, and you’re bound to succeed! Continue Reading →

Why running a marathon is a great gateway goal


Courtesy of Dara Levine

Would you like to be more successful?  Research conducted by Dominican University shows that those who write down and share their personal goals are 33% times more likely to achieve them.  Yet, few people take time to write out their personal goals each year.  If you’re new to setting annual personal goals, training for a marathon is a great goal to start with. Read on and I’ll show you why.

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