Me on my favorite local running trail


About Katy

Three years and countless runs ago, marathoning changed my life.  I was (am) a slightly overweight workaholic, with a newly minted MBA and marriage.  Always a dreamer with big ambitions, somewhere along the line I started working myself to death and forgetting the rest of my life.  There was no time for walking my beloved dog, Astro, much less running 26.2 miles.



Training for a Marathon

Finish line self portrait (+sweat/Gatorade)

Crazy enough to run a marathon?

Fast forward 6 months.  My husband, Mike, and I were crossing the finish line of the New York marathon hand in hand, grinning ear to ear.  Life has never been the same since.

We were hardly the poster children for marathoning.  I had only ever run a 10k.  Mike hadn’t exercised in years.   Yet, we had a great reason to run…

How did I get here?

Nicholas Rossomando (Courtesy of his family)

Mike’s first post-college job was in a building next to the World Trade Center.  September 11, 2001 was his second day of work.  Mike and countless others experienced things that are inconceivable.  It haunted Mike and me for years.

We hated feeling helpless, so we got help.  Then, Mike connected with the mother of Nicholas Rossomando, a fireman who gave his life that day.  A team runs the New York Marathon every year in memory of Nick (who loved sports) and raises money for his scholarship fund.   We couldn’t say no.  Mike and I found ourselves training for a marathon.

Each time I was hurting or tired, I thought of why I was running.  Running the marathon was small in comparison, but it was my way of honoring Nick, my husband and the many others who bravely live on.  It was my way of saying “you don’t win” to the terrorists.  There was no way I was giving up on that.

How many races have I run since then?

Officially, I’ve run 4 marathons (and am training for my 5th), 4 half marathons and a 25 k (El Scorcho).  Unofficially, I’ve lost count!

 Why listen to me?

I’m not a professional runner.  I’m not a fitness expert.  I’m not even a sub-four hour marathoner (though I hope to become one this year!).  I am, however, a lifelong marathoner.  I am also a wife, MBA, Engineer, Astro’s mom, Friend, Daughter, World Traveler and Volunteer.  I’m struggling to start a small business.  We have two family members with aggressive cancer.

I get what it’s like to be busy.  I also know what it’s like to need a little hope.  Running a marathon, is just one way, that worked for me.  I want to share that hope with you…inspire you to keep dreaming, keep doing and most importantly to enjoy, regardless of your circumstances.   Life is too short for us to not leave our mark on it!

Marathon_DogWhat’s next?

I have four goals this year (in addition to running for Nick’s team again):

1)    Start a business (here it is!)

2)    Complete a triathlon (suggestions welcome)

3)    Explore Brazil

4)    Spend more time with my family and my dog, Astro



Have a question for me?  Drop me a note at katy@marathonessentials.com or via my contact page.