What is the best running water bottle for marathon training? (Post 8: Essential running gear)


In the last post we discussed that fuel and fluids are essential during training. The experts recommend consuming up to 80 grams of carbohydrates and 24 ounces (710 mL) of fluids per hour while running.  So whether you’ve chosen to re-fuel in fluid or non-fluid form, you’re going to need to carry fluids.  Does this mean you will need to lug around a jug of water while running a marathon?  Not exactly.  Then, where in the world are you going to find oodles of fuel and fluids while running 26.2?

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What are the best running shoes for marathon training? (Post 6: Essential running gear)

running_shoes_for_marathonThey are the most controversial piece of running gear.  Ready to be confused?  Try figuring out what the best running shoes for marathon training are.  I went through three brands and styles in six weeks, before finding a running shoe that worked.  Two months later (just before my first marathon), I discovered that my model had been discontinued.  Poor shoe salesperson.  I had a serious meltdown…

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