What is the best running shirt for marathon training? (Post 1: Essential running gear)

running_shirt_for_marathonDo you know the difference between a work out shirt, singlet, training shirt and racing shirt? I certainly didn’t!  It shocked me that there was not a standard type of running shirt.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so complicated.  Today’s post covers continues our series on Running gear every marathoner needs.  Here is everything you need to know about a running shirt: Continue Reading →

Running gear that every marathoner needs

Essential_Running_Gear_for_Marathoners Don’t make the same mistake that I did.  We were working off a pile of grad school debt and avoiding expenses.  So, I started marathon training wearing all cotton: socks, shorts, tanks and college-era sport bras (and college was NOT recent for me).  It took exactly 2 long runs and a bad case of boob chafe to determine that I needed better gear.  Thanks to Dave Ramsey and eating a lot of beans and rice, our debt is now gone; and those running clothes are too! Along the way, I discovered a few items that I wouldn’t do another long run without…


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Boogeymen exposed! Runners’ 3 fears

There are three boogeymen that make most marathoners cringe.

Now, I was terrified of the boogeyman when I was little.  I often woke in a panic, thinking that I spotted the boogeyman. Dad would dutifully help me hunt around and there was usually a reasonable explanation – like my escape artist hamster, Houdini.  It was always less scary with the lights on.

So you can imagine how dismayed I was to find out about the marathon boogeymen.  But as with all boogeymen, they’re a lot less scary when you see them in the daylight and know what they’re about.  Let me introduce you. Continue Reading →