Why running a marathon is a great gateway goal


Courtesy of Dara Levine

Would you like to be more successful?  Research conducted by Dominican University shows that those who write down and share their personal goals are 33% times more likely to achieve them.  Yet, few people take time to write out their personal goals each year.  If you’re new to setting annual personal goals, training for a marathon is a great goal to start with. Read on and I’ll show you why.

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10 inspiring marathon stories

Travis and his son

Another 60 minutes at the gym on the treadmill.  Another 6 miles on the books.  Apologies to the lady who took one look at me and changed machines.  I don’t know why you run.  I’m running because I’m tired of the big and tall store, because 33 is too young to be on high blood pressure meds, and because I want to be there when my 2 year old turns 52.  Please excuse my intensity, but I’m literally running for my life.”

- Travis, Cincinnati


Travis sparked an outcry with that Facebook post (in response to a gym-goer’s dirty look).  Why do you want to run?  Maybe it’s for your kids, like Travis.  Maybe it’s just for you.  Have a good reason for doing this.  You are going to have good training days and bad training days.  Your “why” will keep you going!  Here are some examples of other people’s running inspiration to inspire you:

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6 little known reasons to run a marathon

I never intended to run a marathon (due to concerns shared in my last post).  So when I found myself signed up for one, I hadn’t thought about what to expect.  Each run brought a new discovery.  These were some of my favorite discoveries:

Marathon training makes you confident

Courtesy of Tony Alter

#1 – It’s a huge confidence booster.

It was my first double digit (10 miles+) run.  After nine miles, giddiness overtook me.  Despite being on a crowded public trail, I couldn’t resist.  I NEEDED to celebrate.  My arms rose into the air, and I started fist pumping and yelling “I just ran 10 miles!”  People probably thought I was a nut job.  But I was thrilled.  For days I kept thinking, I actually ran 10 miles this week!  The confidence I gained from running, benefited every aspect of my life.  My performance at work improved.  I felt STRONG!

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6 myths about running a marathon

Have you heard any good marathon myths?  I had, and they gave me plenty of reasons to think that marathoners were crazy.   I’d like to set the record straight, so you won’t worry about those same myths.

You can prevent most running related injuries

Courtesy of Tavis Ford

Myth #1: Marathoning wreaks havoc on your body.

Truth:  Marathoners do experience running related injuries, but most are minor (chafing, blisters and soreness) and preventable. 

In more extreme cases, the injury could require physical therapy and if it persists, surgery.  Proper equipment, training, and common sense all aid in injury prevention.  Also, distance running has many benefits including cardiovascular and mental health.  My verdict: the benefits far outweigh the risks.

 Note: I will cover injuries and treatment in detail in a later series of posts. 

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